Unlock the power of networking.

Connect makes it easy to share your professional profile, generate more business and grow your network.
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Upgrade your networking game. Make a lasting first impression with Connect.

Elevate your professional image and leave a lasting impression with Connect. Share your personal and business profile, contact information, social media links, website and more, all in a sleek and stylish virtual business card. Unlock the power of networking and make it easy for prospective clients, potential suppliers and industry colleagues to connect with you through your unique Connect QR code, unique link and NFC physical black or platinum card.

The cool way to network.

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Modern networking.

Create a dynamic personal and business profile, share your contact information, showcase your social media, website, and custom links, all in a sleek and stylish virtual business card. Take your networking to the next level and share your Connect card with ease using your unique Connect QR code, unique link and NFC physical black or platinum card. You can make changes to your card anytime and track your analytics, through your Connect dashboard.
NFC embedded
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The new physical card.

Unleash the power of physical networking with our Connect premium black card or metal platinum card. Impress your contacts and make a lasting impression with a tangible representation of your virtual business card. Equipped with cutting-edge NFC embedded technology, your physical card allows anyone to instantly access your Connect Card information with a simple tap on their smartphone. Physical cards come as standard with Connect Black or Connect Platinum.
connect teams

Connect your team.

Unlock the power of collective networking with Connect Teams - the ultimate solution for linking your team together. Create a dedicated team card and access the cards of each team member through the Connect Teams directory. Connect Teams empower team members to network together and represent the team as a united front, Helping drive business and increase opportunities for all members.
connect virtual card

Sleek & stylish virtual business card.


Build your profile.

Establishing a strong personal brand and showcasing your professional identity is essential for expanding your network. Your Connect Card is the ultimate tool for achieving this. It puts your professional profile on display, including your company/employer, position, industry, bio, and contact details, giving others a clear and comprehensive understanding of who you are and what you bring to the table.

Connect your links.

Easily link your social media, increasing your following and social presence. Integrate your website, enabling those you connect with to gain a comprehensive understanding of your offerings. Utilise the calendar integration, enabling easy scheduling and appointments.  Plus, create custom links to showcase anything relevant to you or your business, such as "Book a Reservation" or "Shop Now."  Provide a seamless way for contacts to follow, learn about your business and get in touch.

Share your card.

Simplify the process of sharing your professional identity with the world by using your unique Connect QR code or link. Easily share your Connect Card across multiple platforms, from social media to email, and connect with prospective clients, potential suppliers, and industry colleagues with ease. Directly share your card from your profile, making it easier for others to discover, connect and engage with you.
connect teams

Unlocking the power of collective networking

team card

Your team. Connected.

Elevate your team's professional image and boost your business's visibility with Connect Teams. Create a designated team card that highlights your business details, and represents your team as a cohesive unit. Showcase your team's strengths and capabilities with Connect Teams, and make it easy for potential clients and partners to discover your business and connect with your team's members.
team directory

Bringing your team togther.

Streamline the process of finding the right person within your team and foster collaboration with the Connect Team directory. The directory makes it easy for your network to find and connect with the team member that has the specific skills or expertise they need, no matter their position or department within the organisation. The Connect Team directory is not only a great tool for external networking, but also for internal communication and team work. It makes it much more efficient to find the right point of contact within your own organisation.

The new way to network.

share your professional profile

Easily share your key details.

Unlock the power of instant connection by sharing your vital information with a unique Connect link or QR code. Broadcast your Connect Card to your entire network in seconds and expand your reach.
generate more business

Generate leads and income.

Maximise your business opportunities by harnessing  your Connect Card. Allow potential clients to reach out to you directly with the capability to make direct sales, receive communication, meeting requests, and much more.
grow your Network

Build and grow your network.

Take your business to the next level with Connect. Amplify your reach and tap into a vast array of opportunities including potential new clients, trusted suppliers, influential industry figures, and exceptional talent, all to drive unparalleled growth for your network.
Sustainability & climate change

Let's help reduce carbon emissions.

Every year, billions of paper business cards are printed, contributing significantly to deforestation and greenhouse gas emissions. By switching to a Connect virtual business card, you can play a meaningful role in reducing your carbon footprint and combating climate change. In fact, studies show that using virtual business cards can help to conserve forests and decrease greenhouse gas emissions by up to 50%. Make a positive impact on the environment and join the fight against climate change by choosing a Connect Card.

Start connecting today.

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Connect Black
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Premium NFC Black Card
Sleek & Stylish Virtual Card
Connect Dashboard
Update Virtual Card Anytime
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Connect Black Network Access
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Connect Platinum
per month plus £145 one-off fee
Metal NFC Platinum Black Card
Sleek & Stylish Virtual Card
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Update Virtual Card Anytime
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Connect Platinum Network Access
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Frequently Asked Questions

when do i receive my physical nfc card?
Your physical NFC premium black or metal platinum card will be delivered to you immediately once you have created your card via 1st class delivery (usually 1-3 days). Please note, you must create your virtual card before we can ship your physical card in order to programme it correctly.
how long does it take to setup?
You can set your Connect Virtual Card up at anytime once you have created your account. The process only takes a few minutes to add your key information and your card will be ready to go.
can i edit my connect card?
Yes! You can edit any part of your card anytime from your Connect Dashboard.
how do i setup my team on connect teams?
You can join Connect Teams at any time. Please enquire via the Connect Teams page or contact us on