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The new way to network.

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Beautifully crafted and professional virtual business cards.

Share your details.

Connect makes it easy to showcase your business, share your contact details, link your social media and much more. Network in an instant with the scan of your custom QR code.

Easily capture details.

Have you ever given your details to someone who is your ideal customer, supplier or contact but they forget to send their details back? Don't worry, happens to us all. Our virtual cards, allow people to send their information immediately back to you when you share your card with them.

Build relationships and convert leads.

How many clients have you lost by simply not giving them an avenue to find your contact details, social media, website or any other details about you. Make life easier and let your virtual card do the heavy lifting for you.
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Modern networking.

A beautifully crafted and professional virtual business card. Display your profile, make it easy to save your contact details, connect your social media, add key links and a bunch of other cool stuff.
NFC embedded
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The new physical card.

Our premium physical card is a great addition to have and take around with you and impress your network with how ahead of the game you are. With NFC embedded technology, you can tap you card on a smartphone and they will be able to instantly access your virtual card. You can order you physical card once your virtual card is created.
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Connect your team.

Connect Teams allows you to link your team together to network. Have a dedicated Connect Team card, link team members on your Connect Card and track your team analytics.

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Let's help reduce carbon emissions.

Using a virtual card over paper business cards can help your business to do its part to help the environment and reduce your carbon footprint. Reducing your usage of paper helps to prevent trees from being cut down and eliminates the energy that is used to convert a tree into a piece of printing paper.
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The virtual business cards from Connect are game-changing! The business cards are so simple to operate, it is the perfect way to stay connected with your clients without having to physically give them a paper card. I would highly recommend it to anyone and everyone in business, especially in today’s generation!

Jamie Hutton
Huttons & Partners

"The Connect Card has been a game changer for my business. "

Simon Dredzen
Walton Estates

"The Connect Card has helped me generate new business. It's a great conversation starter!"

Oliver Rayne